Time to try out the Magma Grill.  Hmmmm do I go with steaks, roast somr e vegi’s, maybe fresh fish, or just throw on a couple burgers?  Decision time… Steaks it is. The steaks of choice are a couple of Dry Aged Sirloins we picked up from Whole Foods. 

Set up was easy; take out of the case and unfold the legs.  Oh the case.  It’s extra but way useful.  It can hold the grill, the shelf, tools, regulator and up to 3 1lb bottles. Putting the regulator on the bottle and installing on the grill is fairly straight forward.  There no piezoelectric starter on this grill so break out your long matches or propane bbq lighter.  The flame is adjustable but only using it once I so far I may find myself wishing for a little more flexibility.  There was room for two good sized steaks, a couple pieces of Jersey corn and some vegi’s although I chose to grill pineapple for dinner.  If you’re going for burgers there is easily room for 4 juicy ones.  The grill held a good even temperature and flare-ups were minimal with no burning of the food.  Dinner turned out excellent and the steaks had great grill marks.

Take a look at the video, a little slow in the middle watching me cook, to see how the grill worked out.

Bottom Line: Nice little grill, but it is little.  Perfect for two and easily carried to the beach, a campground/rv park, or a great boondocking point.  And since it’s made out of the same marine grade stainless as the Magma Grills made for boats it should stand up well.  And it’ll look good with the Basecamp.  After all, you have to look good.