20 Minute Shower My A$$!!!.....

I have been lied to.  Yes, it is true.  Sadly, my life of long hot showers is gone like the wind.  I am not sure how it happened, but it did.  I believed everyone that I could get a decent shower.  The shower was small, for even someone of my stature, but I was willing and able to suck it up as long as I could get a good hot shower.  I can still hear the eco of that conversation in the hills of nowhere.  It all started…….
I was in the middle of washing my hair and the water temperature starts to drop a bit.  So, I move the dial closer to the red and less to the blue.  You know women always wash their hair twice so I lather on the shampoo and wash my hair, again.  Yet, the water is getting less and less hot.  I keep pushing it closer to the red and I am almost to the end of the red and it hits me.  I am almost out of hot and now warm water.  I still have shampoo in my hair and I have to rinse off.  OH MY GOD……I am out of hot water.  All I have left to rinse my hair out is freezing cold water.  I am sure that the neighbors heard me to the end of the campground.  I believe Don left the trailer.  He said that he heard strange sounds coming from the shower that he had never heard before and he was fearful for his life.
I was hot, but my water was not.  One more thing to upgrade…..
Update – I am getting better at taking a more military shower.  I shut the water off when I lather up and turn it back on when I rinse.  I use what I have left, of the hot water, and enjoy it till the end.  Every chance I get I use the campgrounds showers.  The last campground we were at I could stay in the entire time and never ran out of hot water……ahhhhhh