Are You Kidding Me?!?

Are you kidding me?!? Okay, any blog starting with these words is designed to grab your attention. Right?  These words are simply an exclamation after coming back to New Jersey just in time for four (4) Nor’easters to hit in three weeks. And it’s not just the heavy wet snow that’s the problem. High winds mixed with the ground that has met its saturation limit and the heavy snow causes trees to fall down. Tree Down (Small)And when they fall or break they love to take power lines with them.  In fact, we lost three trees at our house and power was out everywhere for days. Thankfully Charlene’s parents let us stay at their shore house, and yes it snowed there too. The Airstream stood up well and was a backup if necessary thanks to propane heat and the solar system keeping the batteries healthy. Even though I am complaining a little the creek is beautiful after the snow. Westcreek Snow 2 3.22.18 (Small)The AT start date is being pushed back by a couple weeks. And since this return had been a whirl wind the extra time is actually a silver lining. We’ll write again soon. Bye.