Grey Hair and the Appalachian Trail


Grey Hair and the Appalachian Trail I never thought I was vain…..until I had grey hair.  Why does this happen, why?  You lose your eye sight (I need readers for every damn thing), you skin looks like it came off of a chicken and sadly the menopause weight gain (just shoot me now lol).   So, I signed myself up to walk the Appalachian Trail and I dye my hair every 4 weeks – give or take.  So how am I going to do that while walking on the trail?  What the hell was I thinking, seriously. I need my head examined, I am too old for this shit…..grumble, grumble….. Then it hits me…..why don’t you finally go grey.  You know…..grow your hair out to grey.  Mmmmm……I have been on the fence about doing this for years – YEARS.  Now is the time, now or never, you got this, you can do this…… I can’t, where is the nearest AVEDA Salon, who had the bright idea of walking this freakin trail…….calm down you got this, you can do this, don’t shave your head, stay away from the cliff….for the love of God there is no salon within a 30 mile walking distance.  Deep breathes…..deep breathes.   Honestly, I have no choice and now is a good time to start letting it go grey.  I could rent a car or get an Uber… let it go grey, it will look hot on you……now that I am thinking of it…..I won’t have my 20x mirror to do my eyebrows……NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!