We Made Some Changes To Our Basecamp - Part 2 (You Have To Have A TV, Right?)


The quiet sunset, cool dry weather, a campfire, beverage of choice and a good book. Wow, this looks great on paper and even better in the travel blogs. And this is why we bought the Basecamp. To get outdoors and commune with nature. But what do you do when nature is a little more ... different? Reality Check - Wind, Rain, Hot and Muggy or cold and clammy. And everyone’s favorites; mosquitoes, black flies, green heads, and the ever popular bone-heads (lol). Sometimes communing with nature forces you inside and a good book is not always what we want, and sometimes the game just can’t wait.No problem “I have my smart phone, tablet, or laptop”. After a few years full timing in an Airstream I began to realize why they put TVs in them. But not the Basecamp... we owners never ever feel the need to stay connected. Ahahahahahaha ... oh sorry let me wipe my eyes. Charlene and I said we needed one in this rig too, and with the expert help of our past experiences and the team at Colonial (not a paid endorsement-guess I really need to say that, sigh) a plan was devised and put into place.The TV chosen was a LG 24”, same as we put in the Serenity last year. Good size and good looks combined with good stats (see link for geek stuff). The mount was chosen by John at Colonial and the install was to look as factory as possible. And it came out GREAT!!! We have had people ask us if it came that way and that’s a great pat on the back. We decided not to add the HD antenna since we use our mifi or the cable at a campground. I also have it set up to hard wire to my phone. I can also connect to a laptop or an Xbox if I wanted to carry one (Charlene might draw the line here - did that in the Serenity). Check out the video and please give us your comments.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6gVma3r0ZY&t=3sThanks for joining us on our Awesome Adventure.Charlene “TIBS” and Don “Capt O”