Laundry Sucks………or is that soaks?


I hate public laundromats. I really do, they suck.  Even some of the campgrounds have lousy laundromats. Sadly, it is what it is when you go camping/RVing, but……….. I found a product called Soak.  At first, I thought this is another gimmick product out there.  I purchased a small sample size container to see how if it would work for me.  Wow, just wow.  You just put your items in a sink, add a squeeze, toss everything a bit and let it all soak. I would let mine soak overnight most times.  I would rinse mine, but you do not have to and hang to dry.  I have to admit that I only used Soak on my intimates (no public laundromat for those important and expensive items) and some tops once in a while.  I cannot describe the joy in finding something that works and works well for you.  The bottle is small, but very little is needed and it lasts a long time.  My intimates are happy, I am happy and my wallet is happy.  Honestly, who would have thought a small bottle could bring such joy, and actually does not suck or is that soak, at what it does?!? Now, go buy some soak (use our link on the "crap we just like" page and get that laundry done (okay its a shameless plug that helps us make a couple pennies off Amazon, but I did tell you about the stuff -lol)- Charlene (aka TIBS)