TIBS takes her foot for a test drive


As many of you know at the end of June my darling wife Charlene, heretofore known as TIBS, ended her Appalachian Trail through hike attempt by walking over 5 miles with a severe limp. At the time she thought it was a simple bruised foot, however the Orthopedic Doctor and the Radiologist disagreed. Seems the daily trudging had taken its toll and TIBS was diagnosed with a fractured Cuboid bone in her right foot and traded in her Altra Lone Peak for an air-cast. Fast forward four months and TIBS was given some great news, she could put her Altra back on (she changed from the Lone Peak 3.5 to the Timp 1.5 - TIBS will do a review shortly) and head to Physical Therapy. Weekly visits and copays have almost finished and TIBS and I took at short hike to check out the foot. We headed over to Bass River State Forest and hit the yellow “Poppy Allen” trail. The trail is flat, well cushioned, as long as you miss the tree roots and pine cones, and well traveled. This day the weather was cool with little or no wind and partly sunny, simply put a nice day for a walk. About four miles and just over an hour later we finished the loop and jumped back in the truck for the ride home. TIBS’s foot is a little sore but this is more from lack of use than anything else. A couple more weeks of PT, a few more test hikes, and TIBS will be ready to start prepping for the AT “part deux”. Be on the look out for TIBS on the trail and keep an eye out for her next rant, um er I mean vlog. Thanks for joining us on our awesome adventure and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode.