Out With The Old and In With The New


Large to Small Airstream – Why? We traded the 30’ Airstream for a 16’ Airstream.  Way smaller, but much more maneuverable and travelable (is there such a word as travelable?).  The 30’ was fabulous while we were full time.  She met all our needs, but getting her around was a bit tough.  She required an F250 to take her around and to run everything in the trailer we needed a 50 Amp service at the campgrounds we stayed.  We could manager her, but we felt encumbered by it.  An F250 is expensive to maintain and run, gas was outrageous.  I just felt there was a better option out there for us….. We started to talk to Patrick at Colonial Airstream about some options.  We felt the Airstream Basecamp would fit our current needs.  So, we traded the big one for the little one……with no regrets, yet.  I know most will say why the dramatic drop?  Since hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2018, we found we needed a lot less stuff.  I thought we had down sized enough when we went full time in the Airstream, but we could still do better.  Honestly, how much stuff do you really need?  I want our lives to be about adventures, destinations, meeting different people and cultures.  Plus, having a 30 Amp service is way cheaper at the campground.  We can easily tow the 16’ anywhere and go to the regular gas pump with our Honda Ridgeline = YES moment!!!  I think Don is still on the fence about the size, but I am okay with it.  We have no intentions of using the wet bath for showers, unless we really have to.  Our intentions are to use the showers at the campgrounds we go to, just like the laundromats.  I was very thankful for a shower on the trail after five plus days.  We can use our stuff sacks to minimize some of our clothing storage and, honestly, we all wear clothes for two days in a row, less underwear of course ;-).  We have some modification ideas in mind that we know will make the trailer storage better.  We just have to implement them, but that will not happen until later this year.  We will be heading back out to finish The Appalachian Trail this year (broke my foot last year on the AT) and then back to full time on the road with the Airstream Basecamp……..yipeeeee!!!!