I AM INVINCIBLE ... or not


We have all heard the story about Achilles and how he couldconquer any foe until one day his heal got in the way. Where am I going withthis?  Follow along and see why I amthinking of this epic Greek HERO.

Like our hero we, okay guys and gals admit it, feel bulletproof and our egos don’t permit us to accept the fact we are GETTING OLD!!!! Orat least all of you are.  I am still 20.  I can set my Fitbit goal at 16,000 steps; Ican carry living room chairs up and down stairs and into houses by-my-self; I canpush carts weighing hundreds of pounds; hell, I can jump buildings in a singlebound; I am “Superman”.  No silly you are57 and a guy, so…. Basically, a dude.  Ihave been wondering about this whole idea of getting older… Why is my hairgetting grey? Why is it harder to lose weight? Why… I could go on and on andon.  Here are some signs you (not me ofcourse) are getting older, believe it or not. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

  1. Your hair, if you still have any, is gettinggrey

  2. You call teenagers lazy, remember when ourparents said that about us?

  3. Hangovers last much longer and hurt much more

  4. You no longer drink “the cheap stuff”

  5. You listen to the oldies station

  6. Your six pack abs look more like a keg

  7. 9 PM is bedtime

  8. Your say words like “I remember when”

  9. You get an invite for your 40th highschool reunion

  10. You still want that Chevelle you wanted in high school,but now it’s a classic

  11. 20 somethings look too young to drive

  12. And the list goes on…..

Oh, and as a guy you lift too much, tote a barge you shouldn’t,step onto the field/court for a game with the kids (I mean 20-year olds), andyour vitamin of choice is vitamin “I” the next morning.  “I”??? Oh, yeah… Ibuprofen. 

Let me raise my right hand right now and admit “I over didit”.  I pushed too much, thought I couldjust “walk it off”, vitamin “I” is all I need. Well nope, not this time.  Accordingto the doc I may have strained my Hamstring at the hip/upper thigh and my Achilleslooks like a marble instead of a taught young healthy tendon.  Hence my story, my heal looks to be my weakness.  Maybe it’s time to listen to my body, mybeautiful wife, my doctor and REST it. Maybe… after all I am a guy.