New and Improved.... Char's thoughts

When we first started out on this journey, I knew we needed a website.  So, I paid someone out of Philadelphia to do our first website and it was a nightmare.  I do believe she was sub-contracting the work to a foreign country, which gave my MacBook Air a virus that no one at the Apple Store could fix.  We had to crash my MacBook and reinstall everything.  I cried.  It was a mess.  Never, ever again.  WE can do this……..

Famous last words……WE can do this.  Not a good idea.  Don and I are computer savvy to a point.  What was free was useless.  What we have to pay “extra” for was above us.  We would tackle the website with gusto and then tinker off to other more important items.  It was frustrating.  I never thought we were that stupid, but designing a website has a way of humbling your abilities or abilities you thought you had lol.  We were at a standstill.  We were using a platform that the designer could not assist us with and it seemed like everything was beyond us on so many levels. 

I found a Facebook page that helps RV Entrepreneur’s.  There are some awesome website designers, logo designers, marketing gurus and so much more in this group.  They are fabulous.  I put a post in the group that we were looking for some help on our current (now past) website.  I had several bites, but nothing was grabbing me.  Then out of the blue Sam DiNicola of Sam DiNicola Digital dropped me a note.  Her recommendations and ideas changed our view.  We signed on the dotted line and started a new life on the internet.

I could say it was all easy, but it was not.  We had to find photos we liked.  We had to write “About” ourselves, that’s harder than you think.  And we had to go over design elements and colors several thousand times and try and agree during a midnight snow storm (just kidding, but several all-nighters came into play).  It was stressful.  It was annoying.  It was exhausting.  Geez it was just plain tough.  We gave Sam lots of latitude to do her job, after all we are paying her for abilities, right?!  She gave us homework, held meetings with us, even put a tutorial together for us.  Sam…. she simply rocked it for us.  I am so glad we took that leap of faith with her. 

Thanks Sam!!I

Charlene Verner