We start the search for our "Dream Boat"

We have mentioned our long-range goal is to trade in our wheels for sails and see new, and warmer, sights.  We have headed out to boat shows in the past just to see if we really had an interest, and yes, we really do.  We are leaning towards a catamaran but they are pricey so a mono-hull may be where we have to start.  Honestly, we really don’t know what to look for, what we want, or what we need.  We have ideas and now we are starting the learning process.  <check out the video to see what we were thinking as we looked at some options> Hell, we don’t even know to sail yet.

Uploaded by Escaping New Jersey on 2019-06-10.

When we first started looking for an RV we were in the exact same place. Shows, dealers, new, used, class A or B or C, 5th wheel, or trailer.  The choices were endless.  We settled in the Airstream because it had most of the creature comforts we wanted, a touch of luxury, quality and reputation.  We were simplifying our lives, not becoming hobos (not that there anything wrong with hobos). 

Riverside Marina, in Riverside New Jersey, had an open house with boats in the water and since we have been there before we decided to check out some options.  We looked at New and Used, Big (for us) and Bigger.  From affordable to expensive and some that were approaching really expensive.  We looked at Jeanneau Sun Odyssey’s, Catalina 41’s and 42’, Jeanneau 51 (niiiiice) and a few used boats like “Smile” which made us really smile.  They didn’t have any ludicrous-priced boats which are fun to look at and dream about, don’t get me wrong, however we are trying to see if we can make this leap.

So far we think we want:  Large enough to live in and one day sail around the world (but not necessarily in 80 days)…. maybe; Two heads aka bathrooms; shower separated from toilet, don’t like wet baths; solar panels and wind generators; a water-maker; good size diesel and fresh water tanks; able to be sailed solo; and blue water capable.  Are we asking for too much?  I don’t think so.  We did find a boat, named Smile, that fit the bill almost to a tee.  A little too big at 48-50 foot long and a little more expensive than we want to spend.  But we have time.  After all it took us almost two years to find our first Airstream.

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Bon Voyage,

Don and Char