Packing and Insomnia

Hello night owls!  This is our very last night in our home and I cannot seem to sleep.  I thought that I would be more emotional about it, but I think that I am just too tired to even think about it.  We have had a very taxing week.  Between packing, sorting, consigning, donating, moving the Airstream......yeah I am beat.  The estate sale starts tomorrow and we have to be out of here by 7:30 am sharp.  Yet, here I am typing at 3:00 am in this blog.  Lord, save me from myself.  I need all the prayer I can get sometimes.  I never really understood what the term the devil is in the details meant, until this past week.  Anything that could of gone wrong did.  My anxiety was through the roof and I wanted to murder someone, anyone.  Yet, here we are on our last night.  Sometimes you just have to give it to God and let it roll......see you on the road in the morning!