Estate Sale, Consignment, Donate, Barter

So, what did we do with all of our stuff. I tried all the usual on-line options eBay, Facebook Yard Sales, Amazon Trade-In, eBay Valet without much success.  I did okay, but they were not worth the work and effort for what little you made.  I do better with interacting with people, especially in person.  I guess this is showing my age lol.  I like to dicker and socialize while doing it.  Just my nature, but my grandmother always said my mouth was like a bell clapper.  I found a consignment shop called 2nd Time Around that specializes in higher end clothes that I have done very well with and they have locations all over the country.  I bartered for services with things that people wanted of ours like mowing my lawn for a propane tank, helping me put up a storage shed on a rental property for outdoor furniture, etc.  But, when you have an entire home to sell of things you need a professional and I do not mean a yard sale Queen either.  I had to meet with several estate sale companies for find the one that worked for me.  My estate sale girl Lynn only took a 30% share of the profit without a minimum.  Some estate sale companies not only take a certain percent, but also require a minimum sale of lets say $4,000.  Some even required a minimum of $10,000.  I am not that rich with home furnishings, yikes!  Also, you have to be realistic on what things sell for.  That table might have cost you $375, but you might only get $25 from the estate sale.  I hate to say it, but it is what it is.  Try to remember that they are just things.  I had to say that I love people and not things through most of this process.  Our estate sale is tomorrow, bright and early.  Whatever does not sell will go to charity or even put to the curb. What is that saying.....another mans trash it another mans treasure!