A little problem at the dump........

We have dumped before without issue, but last night and I do mean night - as in pitch black - was not a good idea on any level.  I was tired, Don was tired and it was very dark.  I have to admit that we gave it our best shot, but we missed terribly.  I ran and screamed with the flashlight and left Don in the dark with the dump problem.  Yeah, I am surprised we are still married with this episode.  All I hear is “censored” and where is the “censored” flashlight.  The “censored” flashlight was with me and far away from the dump problem.  Yuck does not even come close to covering what happened and I am not even sure that I can describe what happened in an intelligent manor.  Once the hose let lose and it was spraying all over…….I ran far away and left poor, poor Don to the spraying festival.  The saying really is true that shit runs down hill and I was the shit running down hill lol.
Daylight review:  Once the “censored” settled and the sun came up we decided to review what happened.  We realized that the last person who dumped before us left their accessory attachment attached to the hole in the ground.  We attached to that and it was not a fit, but we did it anyway.  We never saw the extra piece, until this morning.  Note to self…….never dump at night in the dark while tired…..never do that again, ever.
BTW, we will be looking for a new sewer hose today, as I am not really sure what happened to our hose from last night.  No idea.  Don, do you have any idea where it might have gone?!