Storage & Laundry = Full Time

What did not sell at the estate sale was either given to charity or was taken away, for free, by the cleanout people we hired.  Nothing was left, nothing.  Hard to believe my life is now in a 5x5 storage unit at Public Storage or in an Airstream.  We put things like artwork, pictures, important files, uniforms, trophies, etc. in the storage unit.  We still need to go back to the storage unit and fine-tune it, but for the most part it is done and good enough to be left.  However, the Airstream is still a work in progress and I am fighting for closet space……you all know I am going to win the closet, right?!
I am used to doing laundry every day.  We had septic in our house and septic systems are delicate things.  They do not take lightly to 15 loads of laundry in a day. It was a good habit for my OCD on cleaning.  Now, I am learning to do laundry every 3-4 days.  I am only 5’ 3”, so I keep the laundry basket on the top shelf of the closet.  You know out of sight, out of mind lol.  We have a lovely little Laundromat by us that is run by a 70 something little Korean lady who keeps the place immaculate.  My greatest fear is not being able to find a laundromat like that when we get on the road.  Save me from myself!
So, what this all means is that we are very truly full time…..full freakin time!  It felt like we would never get here, yet here we are.  We cannot turn back.  We sold everything and rented our home.  Most of the stuff I was glad to see go.  I never realized how much stuff we actually had.  Yikes!  I never considered us to be hoarders, but it sure seemed like it when we had to clear out.  Next time forget the packing and the estate sale as I am burning the place down and buying everything new…….Don is going to be hard to replace lol.