Jones RV Park, Norcross, GA


One of my favorite B movies is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  This is what Jones RV park is all about.  No…. not post civil war gunmen killing each other over a treasure.  This is about our experience and to give you an insight into “OUR” feelings.In our last episode we saw that Charlene was a little under the weather, okay sick as a dog, on our trip down.  Needless to say, we were running a little behind (no pun intended…lol) and Charlene gave the park a courtesy call to check into after-hours check-ins, especially since it’s getting late in the day on a Friday.  The young man on the phone was polite enough and told us no problem… just pull in, go to the left, and take any available space.  We get off I-85 make a quick right on Willowtrail Parkway and see the entrance.  We get the immediate feeling that this might not be our first choice in the future.  Left at the first street where the sani-dumps are located and find a pull through, space 102, that gives us an easy in and out.  I failed to mention that the dump station is also numbered spots and both were filled with travelers, hmmmm.  Stopping in the space, pretty darn level too, we decide not to unhook yet.  It’s been a long drive.  Level us out and get Alice up and running.  50 amp service, check; water, check; sewer, check.  All good so far.  I put down our trusty rug, and you want to here.  No real rain for almost 2 months and dust is the word.  I see grass… well, maybe that’s grass.  Oh, there it is, by the water boxes.  Let’s get that picnic table adjusted and ready.  Hey somebody took the picnic table?!? Oops, my bad, there are no picnic tables.  We could go down the road further and keep looking however the speed bumps look tall enough for Alice to bottom out, so here we stay.  I’m chatting with some people outside with their kids when all of a sudden Charlene let’s out this blood curdling scream… A small furry creature that looks like a racoon in the twilight is coming in the trailer right between her feet.  I know this is wrong, but I almost feel out laughing.  The small furry creature is a mature kitty named “Ms. Jones”.  I’m not sure if the park is named after her or not but she is way friendly and owns the place.  I think she was just checking out the newbie.  A couple hours later plus or minus, 9-930pm there is a knock on the door. Char, looking like death’s best friend, opens the door.  “You are in our space” is the greeting from the woman standing at the door.  Charlene is in no mood for this.  She was given directions over the phone, she feels like $&!#, it’s late, and the park office won’t reopen till Monday morning.  Charlene, I have to say politely although she may have coughed on her accidently on purpose, explained all this to her, there are many other spots open, and the ladies husband even wants nothing of this (I can hear him trying to tell his wife everything is good and they are already in a space with the slides out).  Charlene even called their emergency number and received the same story… Take any space open so we did it by the book.  We go back inside and begin to laugh again about the scream and the “racoon”.  I’m laughing again thinking about the scene.  Now the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  The Good – Easy access from I-85, 50 Amp Service, Water and Sewer and pretty darn level.  Close to where we needed to be and Ms. Jones was a highlight.The Bad – Dirty, Run Down, Transients (people not at park) use the showers and bath, Laundry was in very poor condition (washers had grease, ink, and even toothpick/metal sticking out of holes in drum). This is not just RVs and many are in various stages of disrepair/not road worthy by any estimation. Trash overflows everywhere and people just add to it (my picture was a good day).  Speed humps that would bottom out an Airstream and they are scraped up to show it.The Ugly – Spot 101 didn’t have sewer hookup so the <insert favorite expletive here> so they dropped their tank on the ground and let it run under our rug and Alice then they boogied out late at night so no one would notice.  We did and let management know.  They did nothing to assist us…. Period.  We of course disposed of the rug, I couldn’t be like others in the park and just left it behind.  Maybe the fact they allow campers to use the dump station as spots has something to do with it… yes people were parked with slides out at the dump station.