My dad and Lake Placid, NY – Delayed Post from September/October (my bad :-x)

The down side of being full time in an RV hits you below the belt sometimes.  To be honest, I never saw it coming.  I suppose I never really thought about it.  I was leaving my family.  My flesh and blood was being left behind while we were galavanting around the country.  I took the time to see each of them, individually, and spent some serious quality time.  It sucked.  I cried.  I miss them.  My biggest loss was my dad.  We are two peas in pod, but actually more like oil and water on most days.  Good lord could we get into it.  I am sure that he felt I never listened and I felt like he never thought I was an adult, but more like 12 years old.  That man could push my buttons.  It seems kind of funny now that I am typing about it.  I wanted to spend some time with him before I wondered off to see this great country of ours.  So I invited him to Lake Placid, NY.
I told my mom to make sure that he packed clothes, personal things, a sleeping bag and a pillow.  Well, we all met at the local Koffee Kup before we left and my dad left all his clothes behind at the Koffe Kup.  They almost called the local police department as they thought the suitcase was an explosive devise.  I kid you not.  Then they realized that a bomber would not put his name on his suitcase if he were leaving it behind.  They called the number and my mom answered.  Yeah, we were not going back for that luggage.  We had hit Newark, NJ by that phone call and I was not going back.  You have to realize that he had nothing.  Not even underwear.  Man was my dad hot.  I thought it was funny.  Mmmmm I am starting to see the oil and water part here.
Eight hours later we landed at the KOA in Wilmington, NY.  We unpacked and headed off to see some old friends from Lake Placid, NY.  We had some wine, lots of wine actually and lots of nuts with a huge amount of reminiscing and laughing our asses off.  We went through old photos and talked about old times.  There is a picture here of me and my dad when we lived in Lake Placid…..notice the six pack in my dads hand?!  My sister swears I put her in the trunk of that car…..the things she says… was really nice to visit, but we needed to head back to the KOA.  I was tired.
My husband says I snore like a freight train when I am tired.  I must not have been that tired as I heard a few bumps in the night and thought nothing of it.  Apparently, my dad fell out of bed.  I actually thought he was stumbling out of bed to get to the bathroom.  I left everything open so that it would be easy access for him.  Apparently, the pull out drawer for the bed that is in the couch does not stay open.  I am not sure that we really know how to use it.  I am sure that my dad thinks I did that on purpose…..maybe I did or maybe I didn’t lol.
While we were in Lake Placed we all climbed Ampersand Mountain in Saranac Lake, NY.  We all died, but we did it.  The funny thing is I always seem to find animals of all kinds when least expected.  I almost peed on a toad, stepped on a snake and met a goat.  Yeah, I am not sure what we were seeing, but a bunch of local guys had a pet goat that was a regular with them when they climbed.  I am still not sure on that one, but those guys were pretty hot looking.  I had to watch them leave us just to make sure their asses….I mean they were okay with that goat.  My thighs hurt for a week after that climb and I forgot to get a picture of those guys….I mean goat.
We wondered off to Wells, NY to see a long time friend of my dads.  The drive down was uneventful, but parking our Airstream was no fun.  We listened to everyone, but ourselves.  We bent one of the fins when parking it in a neighbors yard, but the view was to die for.  You cannot get that anywhere like here.  We had the fin fixed when we got back, but next time….no means no.
I have to admit that it has taken me almost two months to write this.  Every time I would start to write I would cry every damn time.  It was killing me, but I had to write it out.  I know my dad misses me as much as I miss him.  I just want my dad to know that behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad…….
I love you dad xo