Atlanta Hair Colorist, New Jersey Colorist and Atlanta Indian Cuisine

I have been with my hair colorist for a very, very long time.  All she does is color.  She left me once to go to Florida (tramp), but came back after not being able to leave her family and friends – yeah me!!!!  I had my first coloring without her.  I was a nervous wreck.  I kept telling myself that she is only an airplane ride away to fix whatever may happen.  I knocked on wood.  I said a prayer.  I lost sleep the night before…..all for nothing.  I met Rasmy Long of Helmet Hair Worx in Atlanta, GA and does she rock!!!!  You go Rasmy!!  I made sure to get my Wella color codes and located a Wella salon on the Wella website.  The best thing to do, which I did, is to let the receptionist know what those codes are.  They can get the color in if they do not have them.  I was so pleased with the outcome and all wore out for nothing.  I needed a drink.
Just across the street is a nail salon called Piedmont Nails and Spa.  I would highly recommend them as well.  They double-teamed me on the mani/pedi, but I calmed down after drinking the glass of wine they offered.  I think I fell asleep actually.  They were wonderful and I felt like a million bucks.
Note:  If you are ever in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Please, see my colorist Michele Miller and my nail tech Toni at Louis Christian Robert John Salon & Spa.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.
Now that I look and feel like a millions bucks, I needed to eat.  We accidently found Planet Bombay Indian Cuisine in Duluth, GA after a movie.  I love Indian food.  We walked in the place and it seemed new, but well loved.  They had some lovely touches, but they (the owner and his family) love what they do.  They were so sweet, so helpful and so grateful.  I wanted to hug them all.  The food was phenomenal to say the least.  We ordered extra naan bread to go home to have for another meal.  I think I rolled out of there.  If you are ever in Atlanta/Duluth, GA…..stop into Planet Bombay Indian Cuisine.  You will not be disappointed.
Don and I are foodies.  Don loves to cook and makes me try things like baked beans with sriracha sauce (that was a huge no), but it forces us to try different things.  We stop at lots of restaurants to eat at.  We do not post them all.  We support those who are small, unique, different, fun and delicious.  For us, they have to show their love in their food and it always comes through if they do.  We plan to work on showing you places to eat, drink and get your hair colored wherever we go……if there was only a job for foodies in an Airstream…..mmmm options…..