Sick in an Airstream

Being sick with the flu in an Airstream, pray for our survival…..I never thought about being sick in less than 300 sf would be such an issue, right?  Everything is close, you have several TV’s to entertain you and then your husband comes home.  WTH……seriously……we almost needed an intervention.  I wanted peace and quiet and he wanted to talk, yeah no.   I like to be left alone to my own devices when I am sick.  I like to roam around my space to either pick at food, watch TV or just plain die of my sickness (I know….being a little dramatic here lol).  Don wanted to talk, do dishes, clean up, watch TV, talk some more, play games on his computer, talk some more……I wanted to do bad things to my husband and not in a good naughty way either.  He was getting on my nerves, but I was sick and entitled to a little consideration like maybe you need to sleep in your truck until I get better.  The laundry was piling up, I was getting cabin fever and Don still wanted to talk……..what do you do, seriously?  You have to talk and work things out.  I asked Don to come home and to be quiet.  I tried to do things, during the day, to help me along.  One day was some laundry and the next could be some of the dishes.  I tried to get a shower daily, but not always.  Some days I over did it, but I was going nuts with being sick.  I had no place to hide, not enough TV channels and I could only do so much internet surfing.  A book could not even hold my attention and I love books.  To be honest…..this was the worst case of the flu/bronchitis/crud that I have ever had and it had to happen in our Airstream. I had been to urgent care once, the emergency room twice and my primary doctor twice.  I was put on an IV to restore my fluid intake on one occasion and there was thought that I might be having a heart attack on another visit…..I think I had a heart attack when they told me that.  I carry all the drugs I am on in a plastic grocery bag.  They come with me everywhere.  Did I mention that I hate being sick?  I am now on the down swing of this nasty crud, but ever cautious that something else does not attach to me.  I am not sure what I could do differently the next time I get sick, but maybe a one way flight to an island in the West Indies might help…..did I mention that I did get the flu shot this year……lucky me…..