I should have never uttered those famous last words!!!!You are probably sitting there right now asking what I did and remember a time you said the exact same thing.  As you all are probably aware I quit my "Corporate Job" and now travel full time with Charlene, my beautiful wife, as a contractor for various gas companies.  This involves lots of walking every day to survey natural gas pipelines and services...and this day was no different.  The map shows a line headed off the main street up a narrow alley and as I look at the area I must now traverse and Charlene tells me "it's late in the day and we're both tired, get it tomorrow".  This is where the utterance of those famous last words laced with pure ego, who said I learn from my mistakes, once again gets me into trouble.  You see this narrow alley is about 3 feet wide, over grown weeds, small trees and basically hard to see down.  With equipment in hand I break out my man card, strap on my ego, and saunter into the unknown.  Okay, step over the vine, duck under the branch, whoa watch out for the brambles.  I see it, the gas meter is just ahead.  I say under my breath "yeah, I Got This", and press forward.  Mr. Murphy, you know the guy that makes up all those laws, must have been listening to me.  All of a sudden, my right foot just stops moving; and I mean... all of a sudden.  While my right foot stopped, forward momentum did not.  This is where slow motion kicks in.  I start wondering "what the $%^# just happened"? I can see the ground looming ever closer.  This is when my mind's eye sees the pile of homeless clothing and trash just inches from my face.  It took less than a second for those last few inches to pass by but it seemed like an eternity.  An eternity I had no control over.  Suddenly I hit the ground.  Nope, didn't miss... I land face first into discarded clothing from the homeless person who had been living here (I will let your imagination put words in my mouth and finish the story).  The ending... A severely sprained ankle, badly bruised ego, and yes, I needed a shower.  Thankfully my wife let me in the car or it would have been a really long walk back to our campground.  Oh and by the way, yes, I did get it.      - Don