Day 3 - No Room At The Inn


Day 3 on the trail was tough. You know how it feels a few days after you go back to the gym? Yeah, that’s it... pain.... lots of pain. So after a day of aching muscles and more hills , and this is the easy part?!? We get to the shelter area to settle down early. We forgot that this is the weekend. And that Boy Scouts camp on weekends. Great kids, loud and rambunctious but great kids. They even asked Moses if he’d like to share their Oreos. They gave him the first one!!! Me I spent time chatting with the adults and some of the kids. Heck, what Eagle Scout wouldn’t. I’ll share a couple picks of the action. Earlier today we said farewell to Mr. Soap (Mark “Post Card” Hughes’s Cousin) and had a nice chat with a couple section hikers (Laces and Pops). Hopefully we’ll get some sleep tonight and be ready to tackle the trail tomorrow. Yeah I know we will.