Day 6 - Zero


How to describe our first five days on the Appalachian Trail. Starting out of Harpers Ferry gives you a chance to enjoy a smooth “on ramp” to the trial. Start by crossing the Potomac and level walk along its banks. A couple miles in a tight left turn, of course it starts to rain, and the road heads up. I read that the trail always goes UP headed north and it sure seems so. The beauty and majesty of this land is immediately apparent and will slow you down because you want to stop and stare at EVERYTHING.Charlene (I’ve started calling her “The Saint”) and I have worked on the road for the past almost 2 years and logged about 1600 Fitbit miles walking gas lines. After five days walking up and down dirt, crushed leaves, roots and ROCKS with 25ish pounds strapped to our backs, those 1600 miles mean exactly d$&k. I am finding leg muscles that Haven’t been used like this since I had brown hair. Moses did some test hikes and spent some gym time for a few months before our start and he has aches and pains forgotten about since his youth. I have to give him credit however; pushing 80 and just finishing radiation treatment he is a little slower but trusting right along. And his knowledge of wildlife is a never ending source of information.We decided to dodge some upcoming weather and grabbed a room at the Cobblestone Hotel and Suites In Waynesboro, PA. Nice hotel with FREE breakfast, bar, and right next door to a Walmart for resupply. It’s funny, I’m tired and the rest is good but I long to put more ground under my feet.