Time And Mileage


My mind says I can do so much mileage in a certain amount of time. My body says to me, “kiss my ass”. Honestly, my mind made me try, but the body is not going along with that idea. The reality of the trail is something different than I ever imagined.We have done over 300 miles so far and there are days I want to get off the trail. My body hates me, my feet really hate me and my mind feels like I am losing it. They say the trail gives you what you need and I believe that to be true. I have not quit. I am stronger than I thought. I have only had one itty bitty blister and I made it through Rockslyvania, where most quit or skip. I am doing this hike with my dad and my husband. Can it get any better or possibly any worse?! I will leave that one up to God as I like to keep him laughing by telling him what I want lol.We all started this hike with different ideas, but we are slowly coming together to make a totally different idea that we never expected. My dad (who is almost 80) is still hiking. Don and I are still married. We all see each other in a different view. We are hiking for the journey..........no matter how long it takes to finish. Happy Father’s Day!!