The Chronicles of T I B S - Day 68


The day started like any other for our band of intrepid adventurers as they packed up their gear and headed onward towards the NY/Conn border this overcast and breezy day. The scenery was amazing with yellow and white flowers on the Lilly Pads. Dad, aka Moses, asked “How big is this lake?” The conversation went on about the lake and how we’ve been walking past it for quite a while when Charlene exclaimed “I am so tired of these rocks... This Is Bull Sh&T!!!” We all say “TIBS” and laugh since TIBS is Char’s well earned trail name. As the walk continues Don, aka Captain Obvious, calls out “Hold up!!! Why is the sun coming up on the left?” We all break out our compasses, Moses gets out his AWOL Guide and it is discovered all the clues point to the “Obvious”. The rocks aren’t ending, the lake just keeps going, and the sun is on the wrong side because they are walking in the wrong direction; in fact over a mile in the wrong direction. With saddened spirits and lowered heads they turn around, condemned by their own mistake, to walk over the same rocks for the third time in the past 24 hours. From somewhere up ahead “This Is Bull Sh&T” is heard and with a laugh our band of hikers heads north once again.