Choosing A Brake Controller


Charlene gave me the task of finding the right brake controller for our new truck and Airstream.  After looking at various Brake Controllers from companies like Tekonsha, Draw-Tite, and Hopkins I decided to go with the Autowbrake system for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline and 2017 Airstream Basecamp.  Why?  I am a huge fan of a “plug &play” style of device and more importantly we did not want to drill holes in the new truck.  Yes, the Tekonsha Prodigy RF met those needs however the Autowbrake is a compact unit with only a simple key-fob in the truck that’s seeming made to go with the cutting-edge design of both the truck and the trailer.  The team at Colonial Airstream did the install of the brake controller which is total contained “inside” the Basecamp fitting nicely under the sink taking up almost no room at all; and no wiring, drilling, or mounting in the Ridgeline was required.  Our test?  How’s a drive from New Jersey to North Carolina over the Blue Ridge Mountains?  8% grades, twists and turns, and trucks…trucks…trucks were everywhere.  How did it perform?  Seamlessly.  No pulling, no over/under braking, and I never had to change any settings using the fob.  Checking temperatures of tires and hubs with an infrared thermometer showed no one brake was heating up more than the others. And, although everything was pretty hot at the bottom of the many hills we had no smoking brakes at all.  What are you using? We're sticking with our Autowbrake.  AB 1