Why Get An Airstream Basecamp???


Why did we switch from an International Serenity 30W to a Basecamp.We have had many people ask us why we switched from the Serenity to the Basecamp. In just a few sentences We’ll try to give you the best answer we possibly can. While we enjoyed living in the Serenity having loads of space, multiple TVs, surround-sound and more seating options; the Basecamp gives us more travel options than the serenity ever did. First the Basecamp weighs about 7,000 pounds less. This allowed us to trade the Ford F-250 for a Honda Ridgeline. We calculated the fuel cost for or trip to Maine and the money we saved on gas, about $275, means more money for entertainment and souvenirs. Second the smaller length, 16’ vs 30’, and shorter height, 9 1/2’ vs 11 1/2’ trailer and lighter GVW truck meant we could travel on New York Parkways and stay away from the big-rigs. It’s easier to find gas stations and park, and faster to set up and tear down too. No longer do we consider paying extra for a pull through space and 50amp service. We can easily drive on smaller roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway on a recent trip. And while we didn’t stay at state parks or campgrounds this trip, many will not allow trailers greater than 25’.Is the Basecamp perfect? Is it a big transition? It’s a HUGE change; we are still figuring it out and making changes. Also it’s not perfect, hell no RV is, but it is for us. And, it will allow us to see more of this great country of ours... while doing it in style.See y’all on the road