Did You Just Run Out Of Propane?


Has your mouth ever been watering while you are in the middle of that batch of bar-b-que chicken or a nice juicy steak and your propane tank runs out? Or maybe you found that perfect camping spot, and in the middle of the night your heater goes out and you wake to icicles? I have and it sucks on sooooo many levels. A couple years ago as Charlene and I started this Awesome Adventure I ran across a product called Tank Check by MOPEKA. I was skeptical but needed a solution to these problems and figured “What the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks” and made the purchase. Wow, what a difference. Over the years they have improved the product and its functionality; and their customer service just rocks. I’ll put a link on our Gear tab to help you find it and don’t forget to watch the video (sorry for the umms and so’s, it's raw video).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJxASzBsQAE&t=3sThank you for sharing our Adventure and please subscribe to our YouTube channel and Website for update notifications... and we would appreciate it too.Don and Charlene