TIBS Is Off The Trail - An Update


Broken Foot & Recovery….or is it????After three months in a walking cast, I was released to physical therapy. I want to remind everyone that patience is not one of my virtues. I thought six weeks and we are good to go. My foot was feeling good, but tired some days……then I decided to help Don stain the deck to help him along with it. I only did a few steps and the rest was standing. What a mistake, a huge mistake. My foot ached for days and then I had to fess up at PT.Daniel at PT is still on the fence, but he did say we will know in a few more weeks. What will we know, if my broken peroneal bone needs surgery. The problem is that no one is sure if the peroneal bone broke at the same time or at another time as my cuboid bone break. I really hate the unknown, I really do. It stays in the back of your mind and messes with you. One more thing to worry about.I am trying to be positive, but my body is just not cooperating. I have gained weight. Then my plaque psoriasis kicked in like all hell. Then to add insult to injury my face breaks out like I am sixteen and ready for a date. One more thing…..my labral tear in my hip starts to lock up. I just cannot deal – no patience, no movement and no freakin way this is happening to me. I am not going to lie, it has been a little bit of a pity party here.How am I trying to deal with all this? First, I have no control over the surgery. It is either going to happen or not. However, I will be back out on the trail next year (even with a later start). I did start to go to the gym and just do upper weight lifting. I try to go every other day. I did go to the Urgent Care to get some antibiotics to get the acne under some type of control as my dermatologist was booked for three months. I asked Daniel at PT for some exercises to release my hip. Worst case I get a referral to see the PT just for my hip/labral tear. I have topical medication for my plaque psoriasis that I have been religiously taking and is helping. Now the weight gain. I have nothing on this. I can blame menopause to a point, but I have to step up and do something about it. Even my dad got on me about it a little bit. I took no offense as he feels it would be better for the trail and he is right. I down loaded an app on my phone to monitor what I eat better. Not sure where I fell off on this as I always thought I was a good eater. I don’t do fried, cakes, donuts, etc. I have a gluten/wheat issue so I do have limitations on my eating. Will have to see how it goes and I will let everyone know. We can all learn from each other.Thanks for your support and prayers during this little rough patch I have been going through.Much love!! XoTIBS aka Charlene