It Started With A Tickle


--Note: The following was written while on steroids, which I am sure everyone will see I don’t handle well (lol)--It started with a tickle, turned into swollen eyes and Jimmy Durante nose. What did? My FACE!!!I have never had an allergic reaction like this before. Sure, there has been a time of two getting rash or hives when changing laundry detergents (free and clear for me). And the good Lord knows I can be anywhere near Poison OAK or Ivy (that rash was epic in ways that cannot be put on paper in polite company – wink or was that wince). But heretofore I have never had a reaction to food and I do not want one again, wish I knew what the offending item was. Hopefully this was a one off.It started Thursday morning with a feeling like a zit coming in and by Saturday the swelling started. Not bad but obvious and of course being a “dude”, I didn’t run straight to Urgent Care. Instead said “Let’s see what tomorrow looks like”. Whhhhoooowwww talk about a mistake. The main photo is what Sunday morning looked like, mind you it’s not but best side but Mr. Demille said I was ready for my close-up.My eyes were watering, I couldn’t see straight, bounced off a couple walls, and got ready to head to the doctor. My son, looks like you have a severe reaction to food… What did you eat? “SEVERE… WHAT DO YOU MEAN SEVERE?” I had no idea and had not eaten anything out of the ordinary, and no shellfish what so ever. He gave me Prednisone and not some Z-Pack or knock off and Zyrtec twice a day for the next five (5) days. And I HATE, yes HATE taking drugs especially steroids. Another why here? I will defer that answer to my darling, loving, and beautiful wife Charlene who has to put up with my bounce off the walls, can’t sleep, complain, talk about 50 different things at once self. I get home, take my drugs a proceed to sleep for the next 12ish hours. That did it… I feel better, a little, but now I’m wide awake. Another steroid and what do I do? Grab an energy drink at 11 o’clock at night to wash it down. So much for any more sleep. While I was out Charlene was a dear and sent my boss a pic and called me out of work.Monday, still awake. My computer if overheating from all the Fallout 4 time it saw overnight, nothing like killing ghouls and super mutants to pass the hours. Do I look better? A little, but damn.Day 2 (Small)My daughter Bryanna sends me a picture of Will Smith all swollen from the movie Hitch, brat – LOL. Eyes itch, face feels like a really bad sun burn. AND I’M still AWAKE!!! Heather, my Sister-In-Law and the family Nurse, recommends cool compresses……. Ahhhhh that feels nice. They really help but I can’t go through life with a cold washcloth on my face. Well maybe I should, might look better. More Prednisone and another Zyrtec washed down with a gallon of Ice Tea today. More dead ghouls and a couple old movies go down as well. Did I mention Charlene had to drive to see her mom today? Hmmmmm…. Why today? I think we all know the answer to that. Okay what time is it? Only 10pm… nope not tired, oh look and Jackie Chan sub-titled Chinese epic is on you-tube. Three plus hours of kung-fu fighting latter I try to get some sleep that came quick but not easy.Tuesday up at 430am, hey that’s today, and wide awake with 3 ½ hours of sleep. Off again but man I can see my face, maybe I shouldn’t.Day 3 (Small)Charlene called me out one more day. Sorry, answered a call and it was the clinic checking up on me, that was nice. More drugs, I feel more dead ghouls in my future, but spent some time on FB. No sleep, on steroids and caffeine, probably not a good choice so let take a moment to apologize now to anyone I offended, or maybe not (lol). Getting better, drugs and time doing their jobs. Charlene is a troop and picked me up some stuff called Calendula Gel.Calendula (Small)This stuff cools like aloe but without the sticky residue. And it a lot easier to walk around the house with than the washcloth over my eyes. Face still itches and burns, some skin flaking, and eyes feel like they are full of sand but everything is getting better, just not as fast as I would like. Okay, time to stop rambling on… where is that joystick…ghouls won’t wait forever…. BTW, thank you to everyone for the teasing and well wishes.And a special thanks to my world, Charlene.