What’s on the Firedisc? Is that Fried Rice?


I do enjoy my fried rice and have tried many times to figure it out. Then I heard two tips. First use fresh ingredients and second use freshly made short grain sticky rice. I’m getting closer but I still haven’t found the pot of gold at the end of the culinary rainbow. Tonight I decided to see what I could do with a 22” wokish, is that even a word?, piece of steel, my Firedisc. It’s funny, last night I watched a subtitled Jackie Chan movie called Shaolin. In it Jackie Chan is a cook that can flip rice in a four foot wok and even use it as a weapon. I have to admit when I walked up to the Firedisc I wondered, ok it was a fleeting thought, if I could do that too. After all, it’s only 22” around (lol). The below video is my attempt at making fried rice and it came out pretty darned good, or at least the empty bowls thought it did.https://youtu.be/AAkz_FOlKYsThanks for joining us tonight and thanks for enjoying our Awesome Adventure.Don and Char.