We Made Some Changes - Part 1


Whenever you buy a new home whether that be a Mega-Mansion, Alice (our first Airstream, a 2013 International Serenity 30W) or something like our new on the road home - The Airstream Basecamp; the first thing you do is change it!!! Why would we think the engineers who are paid thousands of dollars and have years of experience have any idea how these things should be built (lol). In fact, most of us think they have no idea what-so-ever. The real reason we want to change the design is we want our homes to be special. We want them to say “I belong to “. We want our places to be OURS!!! Charlene and I picked up our new Basecamp at Colonial Airstream back at the beginning of the summer. And since we have been living in an Airstream on the road for a few years we have a pretty good idea of “what we want” … we think … and have made some changes.This first installment shows a couple small interior modifications that will make our home more livable on a day to day basis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtyVmWqBVLA&t=18sYou’ll see under cabinet lights, door supports, sundry storage, and even a neat little idea for pens, pencils, and the such. We could do the work ourselves, no doubt, however we prefer a factory look and love the warranty that comes from the dealer. Our chosen partners for these changes are Patrick, John, and the Service team at Colonial Airstream, and simply put they rock.** Check out the links on the "Our Gear" tab **We are always watching others for ideas too and enjoy your posts, as we hope you are finding our posts enjoyable and that you will find our ideas useful. Be on the lookout for our TV install, gadgets and more.Thanks for joining us on our Awesome Adventure,Charlene “TIBS” and Don “Capt O”