Too Windy To Cook Outside?


Have you ever wanted to get outside and throw something on your Firedisc (or grill - btw, time to upgrade) only to have the wind stop you? Maybe the answer is the “Wind Helmet” . The short video below shows the difference with and without the Wind Helmet. And it only takes a second to install. A link to the product is on the Outdoor Cooking page to help you find it (shameless plug, we make a couple pennies if you use the link ;-} ). When we first got our Firedisc the wind played hell with our cooking. Last night I was using the Firedisc & Wind Helmet in 20+ mph winds and still able to get the job done. Consider this an endorsement (not a paid one)... nice add-on Firedisc. for joining our Awesome Adventure.Charlene “TIBS” and Don “Capt O”