Batona, Botanicals and a Beaver


As we continue to prepare for our 2019 AT excursion TIBS and I are looking for new paths to walk and new things to see and share with you all. Recently we decided to head out to see the Carranza Memorial, to be featured on an upcoming blog, and take a little walk. The memorial is right

along a famous 50-mile trail in the middle of the New Jersey Pinelands, home of the Jersey Devil, the Batona Trail. While we didn’t see the devil, we did find the Batona Campground, came across another busy little beaver, tasted some wintergreen growing along the trail and gathered some fresh greens to make an herbal tea. And had a great walk filled with the all the beauty the New Jersey Pinelands have to offer, minus the snow.

Check out the video and get a glimpse of the trail and sites. Oh, and there is an Easter Egg of a possible change to our website and future blogs. Make sure to let us know what you think of the possible change and please subscribe to our website and YouTube channel.

We hope to make this a full-time gig and with your help and support we’ll take you along with us as we hike, bike, camp, and sail (yes that is the future plan) our way around the great country and then the world.

Thank for joining our Awesome Adventure...

TIBS and Capt O