TIBS Makes New Friends


In the six or seven months since we got off the trail and move in to, okay mooched off, Charlene’s Mom and Dad’s place down the shore in Jersey Charlene has been trying to get the mated pair of swans who live on the creek to come to her so she could feed them (run on sentence alert). She researched their eating habits, read blogs on the best diet to feed them, and watched videos others have made. With this knowledge in hand Charlene bought Greens; and more than that kept the greens at room temperature because “swans don’t like cold food... it’s not natural...”. Every time we would head out the greens would ride shotgun so she could give the beautiful birds a nosh. Lettuce... nope, celery tops... nope, kale... nada, Napa Cabbage... no interest at all... nothing was working. The swans would come to her then snub her best efforts. Man these are some picky birds. Heading out one morning she, gasp, forgot their food and the world was going to end right there. But in the car was my bagel and of course the swans needed something. I guess a clean well stocked creek just wasn’t enough... nooooooo. So I pull over, Charlene jumps out like a kid a Disney, and my bagel heads out the door with her. Here come the swans and I mean they are moving, they are throwing a pretty good wake and wait... was that a rooster tail too?!? The bagel is ripped into bite size pieces and flung AT the swans. Two hit the water and the next pegs the waiting customer on the back. After a moment of shock on the swans face and a look of horror and remorse on Charlene’s the swans dug right it. Turned out they like carbs just like I do. And, unlike Charlene they don’t seem to have any gluten issues... whew... Today was funny, as we drove by the female made a u-turn and headed towards the dock (they know our truck? Insert twilight zone sounds here). We turned around and wonder upon wonder there was a new loaf of bread in the truck, and not the cheap stuff either. Check out the action on YouTube.https://youtu.be/pp_nFTTtp1gThanks for joining our adventure and be sure and subscribe (we would love to see this take off and share more with everyone).TIBS and Capt O