Ventilation is your friend…….


Our Serenity had fabulous ventilation in the shower.  Our new/used Basecamp seemed to lack that ability.  The basecamp had the fan, but no cross ventilation for the bathroom/shower – must have been a guy design ;-).  Yup, no ability to allow air to pull through.  On a side note, I was not using the passthrough door for the outside shower as cross ventilation.  It was just too creepy for me (neighbors wave hi). Now what???

The ceiling area was not an option, but the bathroom door was.  A small modification or sliver was cut into the top of the bathroom door to allow cross ventilation.  What a relief in so many ways.  The little things that make a big difference! Especially as humidity is not your friend in any trailer.  

All it took was asking the service department at Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ to design and cut the small sliver that was put into our bathroom door.  Wow, looks like it came from the factory this way. As always, thank you Colonial Airstream!