Moses' 2018 AT Presentation


In Two-Thousand Eighteen we took a little trip, along with Old Man Verner up the mighty…. Okay the song Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton had popped into my mind when I started typing.  What is this song?  It’s a fun little song that hit #1 back in the late 50’s and a favorite of mine back in my childhood (A link to the song is at the end of this post).  Now, let me try this again….. As many of you are aware Charlene and I took a little walk from West Virginia to the Connecticut border on the Appalachian Trail late last spring with “Moses” (Ray), Charlene’s dad. What most of you are probably not aware of is

Ray is a history buff, school teacher, city inspector, member of the National Ski Patrol, tug boat driver (Geico even bought a tug boat from him for a commercial) and mountain man. Suffice it to say he is a man with a whole lot of knowledge and wisdom, and if you’ll listen, he will pass some of this knowledge to you.

Last Wednesday night was just such an occasion at theSpringfield Township Historical Society meeting. People came from all over,many even crossed state lines, and packed the hall. I managed to get just overhalf of it on my cell and thought I would give everyone a chance to listen towhat Moses had to say. After his presentation questions went on for about an hour,and surprisingly there was a Ridge Runner in attendance as well. I hope you allenjoy and wish you could have been there. Oh, and if you happen to read this“Post Card”; he gave you and your books a fantastic review and recommended thateveryone who hikes should read.

Hopefully we’ll get back out on the trail again this summer.Until then, may the road rise to great you...

Don “Capt O”

Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton