Mom Is Missing On Father's Day

Mom did not pick up the kids on the way to church!!! 

This is the phone call that came in as we were in the way to pick up the Blue Claw Crabs and Little Neck Clams for our Father’s Day gathering.  Mom always grabs the kids.  What the ____!?!?  Let me tell you, the car pulled immediately to the side of the road. Dad heads home from Mt. Holly. Sis grabs her keys and heads to mom’s house. Char starts dialing friends and neighbors... and mom too, her fingers tapping numbers like a court reporter taking notes. One more call to mom, I think this is call # 5, no answer. Phone rings, it’s Heather. Mom is at church. Whew. Phone rings again, it’s MOM. Yep she’s at church. All’s good. Okay time to head to grab the food for dinner.  

About three weeks ago we put our order in for “3 Dozen” # 1 crabs and “200!!!” Clams.  And it’s a really good thing we did.  Like the nursery rhyme says, “The Cupboards were bare”, and there was a line out the door.  We grab the crabs and clams and as we load up the car I ask “Hey Baby, how many people are coming over…” Oh, that many. Okay, think we have enough? What do you mean... maybe? It’s just Mom and Dad, Heather and Jay and the kids, and us. What? And I’m grilling burgers and dogs. Okay (back of my mind whispers “you’re going to be dieting for a month”). Did I mention there will be salads, mac&cheese, and desert too? Yummy!!!

Time to run, family just pulled up and I have a grill to fire up. Charlene and I hope you all have a great Father’s Day and hope everyone recalls the great times you had with your dad... we will be shortly. Oh, and the picture?  That’s Charlene with her dad.  What’s that in his hand? If you guessed a six pack then you’re right.  Ah, there is nothing like teaching our kids about old cars and cold, um, ah, beverages. Next time you see Char be sure and ask her about it.

Thanks for joining our Awesome Adventure

Happy Father’s Day.