We Unbox Our Magma BeachFire Gas Grill

Over the past few years of our travels the one change that has been the hardest to accept has been leaving our beautiful stainless-steel grill behind and trying to use a more “portable” grill.  We have tried many different grills trying to find that sweet spot, let’s look a few of them.

            Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 – Infrared so it won’t scorch the food, aluminum so it won’t rust.  Perfect right? Nope.  After the 4th or 5th regulator failed, all under warrantee mind you, you kind of give up on a grill.  Gone to auction.

            Weber Q2200 – nice design, tables that fold out, a cool stand that connects to it.  Worked really well and even though it lacked pizazz was a great little grill…except… Except what?  We traded in the F-250 for Ridgeline and it’s simply put too tall for the bed of the truck. Sold on FB, will be missed? 

            Firedisc Cooker – Versatile, comes apart for easy transportation, great options for different recipes.  Problem is the iffy performance on windy days and the never produced carrying bag.  We’ll keep this one handy for the fry bread and paella recipes. 

This brings us to our current choice.  The Magma BeachFire Gas Grill – Good corporate reputation; Marine grade stainless… nice; Locking top…nice again; table top size that will also fit in the Ridgeline… Nice-Nice-Nice.  Add the great sale price to the return policy and you get our recent attempt to find the perfect portable grill.  Check out our unboxing video and keep an eye out for our first real food put to fire test.  Thank you for joining our Awesome Adventure and please take a moment and subscribe for future updates.